WD Passport and linux

Hi to all there,

My WD Passport don’t work smoothly with my Ubuntu 10.4 Linux pc. It appears message that the WD is  Read-Only. This is somethink new because I used the WD as back-up disk  and to copy large files in the resent past. In my Windows XP netbook it work’s fine.

I’m novice to Linux. Can you please tell me a way to solve this?

Tanks in advance! 

I don’t believe that Linux is compatible with most of these externals.


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Which MyPassport did you purchase?  I only ask because I have a WDBACX0010BBK (1TB USB 3.0) and it works fine with the standard install of Ubuntu Server as well as a live CD.  I would even try doing an update on the system and bring it up to 11.04 just to verify.  Keep in mind, that I have 11.10 on both my server and the live CD.

I would even install the NTFS programs … “sudo apt-get -y install ntfs-progs”

go to terminal and type this in:

"sudo do-release-update "

I would suggest trying the ntfs progs install first.  This way you should be able to read and write to the drive as this will be able to read and write to NTFS.  Cheers!

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