WD Passport (500 GB) not spinning

Dear Community members,

(I know there is an existing post on the similar topic on this forum but somehow, i couldnt find a way to post my query on that.)

I own a WD passport 500 GB drive. My drive was accidentally dropped from about 2 ft height and now it has stopped working. When I connect to the laptop, it’s LED turns on but the drive does not start to spin. I placed my ear right onto it when connected and It makes a very light sound of attempting to rotate. That noise comes exactly for five times and then nothing happens. I am not feeling any vibration in the drive and it is not even recognized by the laptop. However, there is no visible physical damage in the drive. besides the surface it fell on is a soft domestic carpet like cloth.

I have wrote to customer care about this but so far, all i have received is only automated response.

Can someone explain what wrong happened to the drive? and also if someone can suggest me a way to recover my data? my drive was as full as 450+ GB and I really cant afford losing the data stored inside it.

Two words for you mate:


The drive head got damage.

It’s probably physically damaged and about the only recovery solution is professional data recovery. Next time don’t trust important data to just one source.


@joe & awopero: Though sad news, but thanks :frowning: