WD Passport 4TB corrupt

Hi, I’ve had 2 WD Passports die this year and I think I’m about to lose my 3rd:

I have a WD My Passport 4 TB that won’t mount on any Mac, here are the errors I get from Running Disk Utility:

Partition map repair failed while adjusting structures to fit current whole disk size.

Then I try running Diskwarrior:

"directory cannot be rebuilt due to disk hardware failure 5 1921"

So I try using WD Drive Utilities, which passes as this:

SMART Status passed

But still does not mount. This is an Encrypted Disk, occasionally it tries to mount and asks for my Password, but does not recognise the password.

So assuming the password has been corrupted, Can I somehow bypass this? Is there anything else I can try without formatting it?

Any help appreciated

Hello westerndigitaluser,

“disk hardware error” indicates about the drive hardware which unable to store data in data sectors on to the drive. I would recommend to run Complete Drive Test using WD Drive Utilities to get confirmed report of the health of the drive.

Thanks for your reply, much appreciated - this is what I get after a full scan:


I’m guessing it’s dead

Unfortunately, it seems that your drive has gone bad and need to contact WD Support for replacement under warranty.

ok thanks