WD Passport 4 TB - Switches to Read Only [OFTEN]

Im trying to figure out why this happens so I can stop it from happening. I have a 4 TB Passport external drive and it works great… The only thing is, ocasionally lately since I have updated to Windows 10 May 2019 (build 1903) it sets itself as a Read Only drive…

Now its not the drive itself per-say… I know this because if i unplug it and plug it into any other of my computers… Its back to a regular drive that I am able to write to.

And in order to get it to work again as a writable drive on my main windows 10 machines with the May 2019 update then I have to reinstall windows from the desktop using “Media Creation Tool” and keeping all the apps and such so not to have to reinstall every app again on my computer.
This is such a hassle and im tired of doing all that and trying to figure out whats causing it but I dont know.

Im thinking a bit of something to do with device manager in the Storage Volume Shadow Copies an or Storage Volumes but I really dont know and hoping someone here can help out with this!

PS: This isn’t actually something wrong with this actual WD Passport 4 TB. I know this also because my windows machine also sets any thumb drive that I try to plug in to the computer to read only as well.