WD Passport 320GB USB2.0 falls down and looks with logical problems, ¿any solution?

My portable disk: WD P/N WD3200ME-01 4909A

 My disk has fallen down from a table, when it was plugged in a macbook. After falling down, it tries to connect 4 times, stops and the computer shows this message:

“The computer cannot read the disk entered” (Initialize, Ignore, Eject) (or something like this, I’m spaniard)

It’s not readable, but is detected by ‘Disk Drill’ for Mac, appearing as a unformatted 2,2Tb disk (wrong info, of course)

The Disk Drill is making a deep analysis and it appears not to suffer mechanical problems, because the progress bar is running and the disk led blinks normally, so I suppose it’s a logical problem.

Any piece of advice will be thanked.

Using Testdisk with Ubuntu,

where could I find the geometry of the disk included in WD3200ME?

Thanks in advance!!!