WD Passport 3.0 1TB Not Showing WD Apps or ID

My WD Passport 3.0 1TB is not showing the WD apps & it’s not being recognized by WD SmartWare.
I can, how ever, see that it is recognized by my PC and it says it has 931GB Free and is shown in HD Sentinel Pro 4.1 with a WD HD ID.
I’m very confused. I have looked at it threw EaseUS Partion Manager as well.
I really want to use the apps and try to find a way to get the back and use the WD software.
Any Ideas?

Also, just incase the information is needed, I have the:
WD HD 3.0 1 TB My Passport WDBBEP0010BSL-NESN
-> I got all the apps for WD software on my computer from this Passport HD originally.
-> I had a friend reformat and portion the device on Fat32.
-> After the format and portion I was unable to locate the apps and it would not come back up on WD SmartWare.
-> I have checked and have the programs:
HD Sentinal Pro 4.1
EaseUS Partion Manager
WD SmartWare