WD Passport (2TB) with Linux


I dual boot both WIndows 7/64 and Fedora 17 on the same laptop I share with the WD 2TB disc. 

I can mount/use the drive fine from both OS’s but I was wondering the safest way to park the heads (the windows version is buggy to say the least but does the job eventually).

Call me old fashioned but I do like to be able to turn the drive off (and park) rather than just pulling the plug :slight_smile:  I ahve hate having to reboot into windows just to do this!


download hdapsd (available from yum), though not having much luck …


for i in df -h|grep sd|awk '{print $1}'


hdapsd -d -f $i


gets the message : “Could not find suitbale interface”

Strike it, my laptop is not a Lenovo so hdapsd is not compatible - back to the drawing board :frowning: