WD Passport 2TB Windows 10 Won't boot Plugged in

Hello, desperately need a solution!
The new WD passport external 2TB drive I just received when Plugged into any USB port of my desktop, Wondows10 will not boot and freeze on the boot option screen.
If it is plugged in after Windows boot, then when plugged in, it is all OK.
I have formatted the drive and also have Bios to boot from internal HD.
*Recap! Windows Freezes on boot menu and will not boot when external drive is plugged in to any USB.

It sounds like the partition on your Passport is set to active, which is a flag that tells the computer to boot off the drive. If no bootable files are found, the computer normally should bypass the drive and continue to load Windows. However, freezes as well as non-system disk messages while booting are also common. Formatting may not remove the active flag. Right-click on the start button and select Disk Management from the menu. Locate your Passport drive and make sure the partition isn’t set as active. Also, in your BIOS, double check and reconfigure the device order so that your internal hard drive is listed before the USB devices. That way it will boot first before trying to boot from the Passport.

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Thank you so much, that makes sense I did not think of that!
I will try that and get back to you, to see it that was the issue!

Perfect, that was it!
This only happened tom me once before but it was a USB Camera on Desktop Monitor.
Computer would bot boot if the camera USB was plugged in!
Would not know how to make the USB Camera non active. The Bios was set to boot from SYSTEM DRIVE.
My client had to plug USB Camera after PC Booted!

Well Thank you so very much, one always learns something new!