WD passport 1TB not detected

1TB My Passport WD portable drive is no longer detected after few months. As soon as I got close to capacity it seemed to stop detecting. 

In Disk Management, the HDD never shows up. I have rescanned, refresh, and tried different computers.

The drive it self vibrates, makes no noise, and is detected upon plugin ( Windows detects a USB device is plugged in).

The drive does not display under HDD in Computer Management.

This HDD is most definite spinning, but it does not get detected.

Any chance it is still good? It is upsetting that after a few months it goes bad, but my WD internals work for years.

Is a lot easier for external drives to fail than internal

things you should try if you haven’t

  • different cable

  • different computer

  • firmware update

I have same case. I already change the cable, firmware update, also try with different computer. I still have 3 month guarantee, with new one (may be), but i don’t won’t lose my very-2 important data inside. Can WDC have solution for my HD without replacing or showing my data two anybody?