WD Passport 1T and Mac - Firmware updater not possible due to 'specified drive in use'


I am using a macbook and have disabled my antivirus and all other programs apart from Finder to open the firmware update software.  I get this error continuously - specified drive in use. I have tried rebooting the computer and unplugging and replugging in the USB for my Passbook.  I have looked for tips but only find PC related posts and have followed what I can.  I have recently just had a hard-drive malfunction after my 1 year old drive gave-in.  I  have lost some data and corrupted some other data.  I have salvaged what I can and put it on to a new 3T Pass Book for Mac.  I have since reformatted the drive and am trying to update the firmware before adding files back to the drive.

Hope you can help. How can I ensure the drive is not in use before updating the firmware? I have checked my version so obviously needs updating?



You can try connecting the passport to another Mac to see if the same problem happens. Just in case, you don’t need to update the firmware if everything is working fine.

I’m another one who doesn’t update firmware unless there are problems. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.