WD P**bleep**port Essential work very slowly

I am tried to format, but it I can’t format, I tried to do scandisk, but again it is doing two days and still not finished, I tried use HD Tune program, but it still doing 8 hours and and about 25 % done. My p**bleep**port is 500 GB. I can’t read files and I can’t make a format. Windows very good regognize hard drive. But Hard drive doesn’t work how it works before.

What I should do?:

a. To send to WD manufactory (because warranty is still valid) 

b. Or someone have same problem and now hot to Fix it

Thank You for reading.

Hey there, I went through the same thing, since the system is unable to repair the drive, then  I suggest you the same path that I followed replace the drive on the web site link that I found below.