WD Online Store/Education Store Has No Customer Service

WD needs to seriously reconsider outsourcing its online store services to Digital River.

I have been trying to purchase an external drive through WD’s Education Store. The product I wanted is available on their public site, but when I login to the Education Store, it is listed as out of stock. I tried contacting the (very hard to find) customer service phone number to see what the issue was. The representative was not very helpful and told me to email with more details. Well guess what?..waited almost two weeks and never received a reply. This didn’t surprise me as I had already attempted to send a message to the email address he gave me multiple times without any reply.

I tried calling again several days ago. The representative told me to try a different browser, etc.–all of the basic troubleshooting methods that I had already tried before I called in the first time. He told me there was nothing he could do and tried to brush me off. I tried to explain to him that the issue seemed to be a technical issue with their website. He finally said that he would make a report to have a website technician look into the problem. Several days have gone by and the issue has not been fixed. I highly doubt the representative even reported the problem.

I pretty much had given up on the purchase until I received an email today for $20 off any $100 purchase on the WD Store. I thought I would go ahead and purchase the product on the regular site, given that the $20 discount would almost match the discount I would have received through the Education Store. So I go to apply the unique promo code given in the email during checkout and…nothing happens. It doesn’t apply any discount. No error message saying the promo code can’t be applied. Nothing. Tried adding different products. No matter what I added to the cart, the promo code wouldn’t apply. Tried different computers, browsers, same issue.

What a joke Digital River and their customer service is!!! I would have given up and gone with a competitor’s product long ago, but I’ve purchased several WD products from local stores in the past and been pleased with them. I just can’t seem to find any local stores that stock the product I want.

I have forwarded your feedback to the corresponding departments. Please verify your private messages for updates.