WD not showing up during installation of windows 10 on Hp Envy Laptop

I bought a new ssd to replace my hdd. I tried to install windows 10 but when setup started didn’t find any disk drive.
Please if someone can help

Not a lot of info here. Someone might be able to help if you provide

Laptop or PC
Does the computer have more than one drive already
What model WD SSD
Is it installed in the drive bay or connected USB?

Laptop is Hp Envy
Ssd insid the laptop and alone, computer have only one.
Ssd model is: WD BLUE Disque 2.5” SSD 500GB
Ssd is appear normaly when I use Hirens or other bootable usb.

Perhaps this might help

  1. Go into your BIOS and if SATA Mode is not set to AHCI, change it

This info came from


The problem is this feature is not available on my laptop BIOS. It is not to old but I searched the bios several times and couldn’t find it.

What’s the laptops’s model number and what BIOS version is it? You might be able to update the BIOS from HP’s site but be warned you need to completely understand how to do it or you could brick your laptop.

You might try connecting the SSD to a USB adapter on another PC or your laptop if it will still boot off the old drive. See if Windows sees it in Disk Management and if it does create a partition on it and format it. Disk Management may tell you it needs to be initialized first. If so do it.

You’ll then know the drive is working. Then if you put it back in the laptop Windows installation media might see it and install Windows.

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I’m familiar with all that, I will update the bios if it is mot the latest then see what can I do as I already used bootable media of AMOEI software to format it and changed from mbr and activated it

Thank you so much
Finally it works. I deleted the partition and connected it to another laptop using usb
Downloaded software called Macrium Reflex, it’s free
Cloned the other laptop same model Hp Envy and Hp Envy
Then used it on the original one and it works just fine
Thank you so much

Tambem estou com esse problema de nao reconhecimento na bios de um Samsung expert X41. Alguem saberia como instalar o Win 10 em um SSD WD Blue? Obrigado