WD not registering on tv

Hi there, I have a bit of an issue with the player. the hard drive is fine and in working condition and the player goes on and makes it’s "spinning’ noise but the tv doesn’t pick up the player at all.

I have tried different cables to no avail

what could be the problem?

@janinewilliams First, What WD device do you own? Second What TV do you own? Are you saying you have the device connected to your TV by cable?

I have the WD My Cloud 4TB, a Sony 4K TV, and use wifi. Below is an example image from my TV and to what devices I have connected to work on mine.

Have you read the User Manual for your TV and how to connect to it.

i would bet the poster is trying to connect the HDD to the TV via USB

(but that’s just a guess, based on what very little info the user has posted)

Connecting a HDD to a TV via USB in some cases won’t work …

  • TV may only support a max of 2TB HDD (user has not stated what capacity the HDD is)

  • TV may only support FAT32 (user has not stated what format the HDD is)

  • TV may only support MBR Partition Style eg. new WD HDD’s are pretty much factory partitioned GPT (GUID)

Without knowing what brand, model number and age of the TV … then it could be any of those

Hi. My wd 3tb my passport ultra fell and afterwhich became pretty much useles…bought a new one but this time it’s my passport. I’m not sure what format my old HDD was but my current one is NTFS partition and GPT format.
I tried changing it into MBR, but my samsung LED tv still won’t recognize it. I want to try and format it to FAT32, as it might do the trick but i have to idea how. I try formatting it in my laptop but options are only exFAT and NTFS.
I used a toshiba laptop and also tried a macbook. No options for FAT32.

Pls help.

you’ll have to use 3rd Party Software because Windows (or Mac?) will not give you the FAT32 option with drives over 32GB.

Also, keep in mind FAT32 only support files up to 4GB … NTFS and exFAT supports up to, and over 4GB.

did you successfully convert it MBR ?

What’s the model number of your Samsung LED TV (so i can check the online user manual)

Thanks JoeySmyth for replying. Unfortunately I lost my samsung tv manual so I’m not sure about the model number.

I was successful in converting my HDD from GPT to MBR, however it automatically partitions approximately 800gb leaving me with just 2tb of disk space. I then format it to FAT using mac book. It worked my in smar5 tv but when I plug it to my samsung LED tv it still wouldn’t play.

I am willing to live with the fact that I can’t play it with my samsung TV since it can be played with my smart TV but almost 1tb of space that can’t be used is such a waste. =(

Everytime i convert to MBR it automatically happens. GPT is used for disks with memories more that 2tb I’ve learned. So i guess that’s it. But maybe you know another trick that could help me.

Thanks so much!

Maybe time to invest in a low cost (around $50) media player that has a USB input and plug that into your TV via HDMI ?

All the media players i own (RPi3, Android Amlogic S905X) support both MBR and GPT and any format and size eg. tested 2,3,4TB in either exFAT, NTFS etc.

Hello, I just bought a 2TB hard drive to watch movies on my TV. My TVs do not recognize the hard drive though.

I have a samsung TV. Model number : UN32J4000AF
And I have a Vizio TV. Model number: M60-C3

I have a windows laptop.

Someone please help!

@mahalak1017 Do you own the WD My Cloud, 2nd generation, firmware 02.xx.xx? Have you set up media in the Dashboard? Check the View Media Players, to see what is listed and ON.