WD not getting powered on


I have bought new WD My Cloud 3TB from US, and I flew back to UK the very same evening and therefore didnt get a chance to plug and check my device in US.

After landing in UK, I tried power on the device, but there is no sign of any life in the device.

I am using a standard adapter(US to UK), which I use for other devices(devices bought from US) as well. So there is nothing wrong with the adapater.

I am wondering if the WD is region restricted (atleast it should power up) or if there is any means of starting up the device by some other mode.

Thanks in advance,


Welcome to the Community.

The device is not region-locked. When you say the device is not getting powered on, do mean the device is not getting recognized, or do you mean it does not turn on at all? What is the behavior of the front LED light? Do you feel vibration when you touch the unit? Are you using a power strip or are you connecting the device directly into a wall outlet?