WD Not Detected


my WD drive has stopped being detected. The white light has now become stuck and doesn’t flash or move.

Any ideas?


What model is your hard drive? Have you tried other USB cables or computers? Is it recognized on Device Manager or in Disk Management? Do you feel vibration when you touch the device? Have you checked the power adapter?

To access Device Manager:


To access Disk Management:



Thanks for the reply.

The model of my device is a My Book World Edition II (2TB) NAS drive.

i think the drive does not allow a USB connection to a computer, only to other USB drives. Is this correct?

When I turn the drive on by the mains, I can hear the hard drives starting up and there is a vibration but the indicator light is stuck on the bottom third of drive. It does not follow the boot sequence is used to with the lights flashing up and down. Therefore I’m led to believe the drive is not recognised.

Can you provide any further help?

I would suggest you to use**  USBDeview **check the status of drive , it also have option to uinstal drive.

If it is a NAS, then it won’t be detected using the traditional methods with Disk Management and Device Manager. Can you access the Dashboard configuration page? What happens if you hold the reset switch?


Thanks for the response Trancer.

The Dashboard configuration page is not accessible anymore through the web browser. It is also not detected by my router when I check the router conifguration’s Attached Device.

My drive is full and I’m a bit conscious of losing the data. Is there any risk of losing any data by holding the reset switch?



Some further information:

  • The light is only 1/4 up the window and remains on (doesn’t move or flash or anything)

  • The power button does not switch the device off; the only way is to remove the power cable

  • As soon as the power cable is plugged in, the light 1/4 of the way up comes on

  • The reset button does not appear to do anything; the light remains on

Any help would be much appreciated.