WD not being detected or not showing up

so my 2tb external drive worked a month ago(or atleast a few months ago) but now it just stopped working i have tried using the device manager(doesnt work) or buying another USB cable both dont work
i have tried another laptop and that does work, but i cant play the games on that one so i want to fix this badly
please help me i just want to go back to playing and i dont want to buy a new one

I am having the same problem. I haven’t used my My Book WDBACW0020HBK for some time now. However, when trying to set it all up, it doesn’t appear in my device manager. Is there any software that can be uploaded? I have some really important information on the hard drive which I can’t access…

Please help :slight_smile:

I would suggest downloading the WD Discovery software including Backup, Utilities and Security and basically starting over. You might also consider going into Disk Management (right click on My PC and select Disk management) so that you can reformat/repartition the WD drive. You can Google the steps on how to do this. BEWARE: This step erases EVERYTHING on the WD drive and it is NON-RECOVERABLE but this should be OK for you since you said you have not used the WD drive in a long time.

Doing this will basically reset your WD software as well as the WD drive itself.

Good luck but should work. I have done this myself with excellent results.