WD Not Backing Up My F Drive - Help Needed

I have set up My Cloud to backup my WD 500 external hard drive (is my F drive on my computer. All working files are housed on it). It is correctly set up on Smartware Home Tab: Backup Source WD 500(F) -> to WD My Cloud. The Backup Tab shows all F drive files selected and checked. Two .pst files show in the -> box (files, size, type, date) and I don’t know why. Problem 1. Problem 2 is when I backup, none of the updated/current F Drive files are showing. Only the original, first-time backup.

If I set to category backup, it seems to work, but again, nothing current shows.

I could use some instructions and help.Is my alternative to uninstall/delete/?? and start over? I’ve never encountered this with other backup devices in the past, so I’m confused and frustrated.


If you have Outlook open, Smartware might decide not to copy the .PST files; Outlook may have them locked in some way.

I don’t use Smartware. Or Outlook (at home…).