WD Nomad (Issue with MyPassport 1TB not fitting because of rubber height) SOLVED

Good afternoon. I bought a WD Nomad for my WD MyPassport 1TB. I wasn’t aware that the 1TB model is taller by 1 inch than the 500GB model. I noticed it when I tried to put my WD MyPassport 1TB inside the WD Nomad and the case wouldn’t close because of the extremely height of the rubber bands on the inside of the front cover. I managed to change the two rubber bands for the two inside the plastic bag but the case still doesn’t close. I took them off and compared them side by side with the ones that came and guess what, the four rubber bands are exactly the same. I’ve already contacted the seller that tells me that there’s nothing that can be done since they don’t have proper rubber bands. I’d like someone to tell me what to do or someone from WD to sent me the proper ones.


Try to call tech support to see if the can help you with that one.

The problem is there is no tech support from WD Nomad in Portugal. There isn’t an e-mail service I can use because it’s much easier to explain the situation written (and it’s already quite complicated) than orally. Thanks in advance


I think I have the solution despite the fact that the 3 drawings on the warranty paperwork have no explanation of the drawings or what they are for.

I bought the 1 Tb MyPassport for Mac and believe it is about 1-2 mm thicker than the 500 Mb version.  If you put the thicker, 1 Tb, drive in the case it is very hard to try and close the case with the rubber bands that are fitted to the inside lid of the case when purchased.  

In other words, I think the case, as supplied when purchased, is fitted for a thinner 500 Mb drive.

The existing rubber bands are glued to two hard plastic strips that are clipped into place in the lid.  Drawing 1 on the warranty sheet shows a screw driver being used to prise off these two hard plastic strips complete with the rubber bands glued to them.  Drawing 2 shows the two hard plastic strips complete with the rubber bands glued to them being removed from the case.  Drawing 3 shows the second pair of rubber bands supplied in the plastic bag having their adhesive cover being peeled off the back of the rubber band and the band then being placed in the same location inside the lid where the original hard plastic/rubber bands were located.

By following these steps you have the case ready for use with a 1 Tb drive.  What you have done is removed the the hard plastic pieces which are the thickness equal to the difference between in thickness of the 500 Gb and 1 Tb drives and still have two rubber bands in place to support the 1 Tb.

A long explanation but hopefully everyone can understand.  Pity WD hadn’t given at least a statement of the prupose of the 3 drawings.

I would appreciate if someone could confirm I am right. 




Thanks a lot. What you said is the solution for the height problem. I just thought that the screw driver was to help in the release of the rubber band and not to take the plastic part out because it seemed strongly attached to the WD Nomad case.



Do you think your method will also work best for the 2tb mypassport version? It has a height of 0.82 inches where 500GB is 0.60 inches and 1TB is 0.70 inches.

I’m able to close the case, but I’m worried that it might be too tight on it. You think if its too tight, it’ll affect the hard drive in the long run?