WD network drive

I’m considering purchasing a wd sharespace network drive, but i have some questions:

  • Are you considering updating the model any time soon? The box is quite ugly in terms of design, when compared to the my book edition

  • Performance wise what networks speed can i expect from a gigabit lan?

  • I’d like to hear from owners there review.

I would advise that you not buy a sharespace.  The service is poor, and the quality of the design of the software is such, that after a month of regular use, it became inoperative and inaccessable to me.  Their response was that there was nothing that could be done other than go to a wd data recovery site and have them work on it at my expense.  The purpose of a raid is in the name.  REDUNDANT ARRAY OF INEXPENSIVE DISKS.  If it is not redundant in design, than it is quite simply a misrepresented product.  I took out the drives and threw mine in the bin the other day.