WD Network drive - Can I access USB and ethernet ports at same time?

I have my 1TB drive networked in my home via a LAN. I store my movies on the drive which sits adjacent to my TV. I would like to be able to plug my laptop directly into the drive to access movies without disturbing the ethernet/network connection.

I see that the drive has a USB port (in addition to the ethernet port) and I was curious to know  if I could plug my laptop into the USB port of the drive and play movies (via another connection from my laptop to the TV), while leaving the WD drive connected to the network at the same time.

I am trying to find a an easy and seamless way to just plug my laptop in, play movies to the TV and then take my laptop away again after I’ve watched the movie. I want to minimise plugging in and unplugging etc…I only have one network jackpoint near the TV. I’ve tried setting up a switch to handle two devices from the same jackpoint (ie my laptop and the WD drive) but I’m a bit useless and cant seem to get a switch to work - hence my brainwave to see if I can just use the USB port on the WD drive.

Any comments?