WD Netcenter power light flashing amber and cannot access data

I have an older Netcenter # WD3200B019 that has worked great until yesterday.  Suddenly could not see any of the shared drives.  After rebooting, the power light is flashing amber.  I can access the config folder but that is all that shows.  I can access the Netcenter Manager web interface but when I select Drive Managment and request View Disk Health I get a blank screen.  I’nm guessing the hard drive has failed.  Has anyone experienced this and if so were you able to recover the data?  

Well you can remove the drive from the enclosure and try to recover

I don’t even now what file system on this drive since is way too old

most WD drives come with ext3

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Thanks for the suggestion.  As a matter of fact, that is what I ended up doing.  At first, I thought the hard drive had failed but after connecting to an old Pentium 4 tower that had IDE discovered the drive spun up and seemed to be fine.  So, what ever the failure was, it was in the electronics associated with the NAS and not the drive.  I believe you are correct that the drive is formatted as ext3.  I’m attempting to recover the data.  Rather frustrating the backup device you rely on decides to bite the dust.  Now, I guess I will need to backup the backups in the future.  Sure hope my new WD NAS doesn’t decide to crash.  Anyway, thanks for your suggestion and input.

Any time, Glad to be able to help