WD NetCenter: "cannot find Win network resource"

When I connect the WD NetCenter to a Win7 system, I get the following message after selecting the device name and pressing Next in EasyLink:  “Could not find any Windows network resource for your NetCenter.  If you recently changed the NetCenter’s device name, you may need to turn off your NetCenter and back on”.

I got that message initially.  Eventually, I did change the device name from its default.  So I did toggle the device off, then on, to no avail.

The NetCenter’s power light nevers glows a solid blue.  Instead, it is always a flashing blue.

When I double-click on device name in EasyLink, there is no shared folder.

When I click on config\Configuration(.html) and try to create a shared folder, there is no volume name.

When I try to create a new volume, I get the error message:  “Not enough disk space available” (!).

I had done a “long reset” earlier due to other problems.  In hindsight, that was probably a mistake.

Did the “long reset” effectively delete any pre-existing shared folder(s) and data?

If so, why do I get the error message “not enough disk space”?

This drive will not work with Win 7

you need another drive or to use with another OS

this one works with XP and Vista, not so sure about Vista :stuck_out_tongue: