WD N900 & WD DX4000 Network and Remote Access Setup

I have the following configuration:

Internet (ATT)–>Motorola NGV510–>WD N900–>WD DX4000

Mot NGV510:

  • Setup with IP Passthrough
  • Everything else turned off (e.g. no wireless, no firewall, etc.)


  • WiFi
  • Firewall
  • UPnP enabled


  • Everything seems to work fine as far as backup
  • File sharing works
  • Two computers on the system

I do not have a local domain.

I created http://.remotewebaccess.com

Remote access is not working.

I have tried automatic router setup and manual where I turn off UPnP and enabling port filtering for 80 and 443.

I get a warning message indicating that “there may be more than device with routing capabilities on your network”.

Do I need to place the DX4000 in the DMZ?  and if so any setup advice?

Or do I need to do some kind of different configuration of the Motorola NGV510?  It has a routing function but I have it only in IP Passthrough mode.


Sounds to me like you are dbl Nat’ed

The WAN connection of the N900 should be a public IP, not 192.etc