WD N900 router: Any proven support for external HD and sleep mode?

I’ve got a new N900 router with latest firmware.  It’s working great as a router.

I’d like to buy and attach an external SATA HD to the USB 2.0 port on the router to use as an iTunes media library, but I don’t want the HD to be spinning forever when no one is streaming content (95% of the time.)

I want to know if anyone has done this successfully, and if so, does their external HD ever go into sleep mode?  If so, does it wake up automatically when someone tries to access the content through the N900?

If you have this working, could you share the specs on the exact external HD you are using?



Currently, the router does not have an option to set a sleep mode on a attached USB drive. However, if you are using one of our Passport or My Book drives, they will go to sleep mode automatically and if someone attempts to access the information, the drive will wake up.