WD N900, Can I reserve ip address of selected devices?

I have 2 computers whose ip address I would like to reserve on my network.  Is it possible with the N900 router?

Yes, you can setup the manual IP for every device if you want.

Thanks, I was not clear that manual also meant reserved.

It isn’t clear that manually adding a device by entering the IP will exclude that IP address from being assigned via DHCP, which will cause a conflict.  I’d recommend changing the DHCP range of the assigned addresses to avoid such a potential conflict, unless a WD person can say definitely that ‘manually adding’ is in fact the same as IP reservation.

Yes you can manually add a device, and that will reserve that IP address.  I put a picture below to show you where in the router UI.


I forgot to add, you must input the IP Address, MAC Address, and the Device Name.  Then click on the Add/Update button.  That device will show up at the bottom as a manually added device.


You can also find this information in our Knowledge Base.


That is good to know.

However, perhaps you could feedback to WD to make their DHCP reservation system a little more intuitive and easier to use.  The DHCP client table should have a button to simply select a currently assigned device and reserve that assigned address for the device.