WD MyWorldBook password recovery

I am using the 1TB MyWorldBook and have set up some folders as a central storage on my LAN. I have need to manage these but the manager seems to have a user / password set (which I don’t recall setting). I have tried all my usual passwords and the Admin/ Admin but it refuses to allow me access to Netowrk Storage Manager etc. I have emailed WD on several occaisions but they don’t bother to respond. I have now looked into software to try and resolve the problem. I have read where it states going to the Discovery Utility then into Configure menu and apply factory rest, but I don’t see that option. All I have is Map Network Drive, Browse, Create Desk Top short cut. If anyone can show some light on this it would be very appreciated. I was thinking of buying additional drives and music centre and have always reccomended and bought WD HDD etc which I have 8 in use, 2 older as back ups, but my enthusisam is running out quickly. Many Thanks for your time.

You can reset it at the little hole on the backside :wink:

Unplug power. Hold reset button. Plug in power while holding reset. Wait until light flashes, then release reset button. This should reset the pw for admin.

Hi my friends

Many thanks for the response and so quickly!

I have now reset and accomplished my house keeping plus, added a firmware update in the bargain.

Why couldn’t WD just say that a few months ago? I told them I couldn’t locate my CD (to RTFM). I

did download a copy from the website, but I had problems here. Now rebuilt the PC and flying once again.

Best wishes Stuart

Aww it shouldn’t have taken months for you to solve this… you could have just downloaded the manual from the website again, no need to take it out on WD :wink:

Hi, is there any loss of information in the hard drive by making this for reset the admin password?

No, this resets only the Admin Password.