WD MyPassportUltra not detected by USB 3.0-Port

first of all: Sorry for my bad english. :wink:

my MyPassportUltra 2TB was used some months ago, everything worked fine.

Now it isn’t detectet by my Windows10 desktop-PC when i plug it in my USB3.0-Ports, but it still gets energy there. It works fine at USB2.0-ports but slower… The SSD works at the USB 3.0-ports of my laptop, so it appears its a problem with my desktopPC.

I already used other ports (back and front of PC),
I already uninstalled the Windows-USB-Driver and automatically reinstalled it.
The SSD is still not detected. Anyone got an idea?

Hi Geographer0815,

You can follow the steps provided in below article to check, how the My Passport Ultra is showing in Disk Management.