WD MyPassport Ultra - took hours to be recognized by Finder - Smart Status passed, Quick test Failed

WD MyPassport Ultra (metal case) 4TB unit, 2 months old. Used only on MacBook Pro, USB-C cable came with the WD drive. Had been working fine and then yesterday, Finder would not “see” it. Opened Mac Disk Utility and the drive Volume shows up as “USB External Physical Volume • Mac OS Extended”. The capacity of the drive and the “Used” space look correct. The drive light flashes continuously while Finder still attempts to “see it”. It shows up under Devices in finder but the Finder app has the “spinning ball” all during this time while the WD drive light on the unit is flashing. Ran the WD Drive Utilities … the SMART test passes… the others stop after 10% as failed…

Content on the drive is all raw image files from Canon cameras (.CR2 files). I am at a loss as to what to do… unit was purchased in November 2018.

Unfortunately, Drive failed in Quick Test and Complete Drive Test, indicates bad sectors and performance issue. It is recommended to replace drive under warranty before data recovery to recover important data from the drive.