WD MyPassport Ultra not working properly

Bought this hard drive in February and it worked well for the first couple months. One day, while transferring files from my computer to the external hard drive, the battery died, and the computer shut off midway through the process. Ever since then, my external hard drive has not worked properly.

It shows up under devices and Printers, i can look at properties (under device function summary it says “This device is working properly”), i can troubleshoot (but it tells me it can find no problems), and i can even eject it.

However, it does not show up under Hard Disk Drives in the computer page, there is no pop-up when i plug it in, and it doesn’t show up under Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management

Any help would be appreciated


I believe the partition is corrupted. You should be able to format the drive in order to make it work properly. However, this will delete all data stored in it.