WD MyPassport Ultra 2TB not showing up on either PC or Mac

Hi; I have 2 TB WD MyPassport Ultra external drive. It was working fine the last time I used (few weeks ago) but now it wont show up on either PC or Macbook I own.

The light on the drive is illuminated (not blinking). The drive’s vibration is too weak to notice.

It is showing up on device manager & on the bottom right icon bar of the Windows. But not showing in Disk Management.

For info: I am using Windows 10 on PC & OS El-Capitan on Mac.

I have tried changing the cord. It doesn’t work.
Other external drives I own work fine.
Tried updating the drivers & it did not work.

I am desperate it. Please help.

(Let me add that I am not a computer expert so any advice should be simplistic, please)

Hello, as you mentioned that you have tried different USB cables and different computers might be that the drive is damaged, I would contact WD Support and see if they have some other fixes for this issue.