WD MyPassport HD getting file errors - mkv changed to folder

I have a number of WD external USB HD’s - This is the only one that has problems.

This is a 2TB MyPassport HD that is used to store video files for my WDTV Media Player.

A large number of .mkv files have somehow become corrupted and now show up as empty folder files.

They indicate that they take up 0 space on the drive, but once deleted it is obvious that they did because the space now becomes available as free space.

I had to download a small program in order to delete the corrupted files. It attempts to fix them, but the only thing that works is to have the program delete the file and then replace it with a good copy of the original file.

I’ve checked the HD with every disk utility program I have and it always tests as good. Yet when I plug the drive into my computer, I get a popup that says there is something wrong with the drive and to scan it to find and fix errors.

Test Option: QUICK TEST
Model Number: WD My Passport 25E1
Unit Serial Number: WXD#######
Firmware Number: 1019
Capacity: 2000.37 GB
Test Result: PASS
Test Time: 19:02:07, September 24, 2019

Running extended test now as I type this. Should finish in about 12+ hours…

My main question is: Has anyone else seen this problem? and is it a warranty issue?

It has been suggested that I format the drive and replace the files on it. OK, but HUGE job. I’d rather get a new drive, copy the contents over then format and check status of the drive before perhaps sending it in for warranty replacement.


Extended Test has finished.

Model Number: WD My Passport 25E1
Unit Serial Number: WXD1########
Firmware Number: 1019
Capacity: 2000.37 GB
Test Result: PASS
Test Time: 11:50:08, September 25, 2019

Any thoughts as to what the problem might be with this HD?

The problem isn’t the Hard Drives … the problem is the WDTV Media Player and it’s firmware.

If you google search the problem there are a lots of posts about it …and the WD Media Players are notorious for doing this.

Doesn’t seem to matter what Model WDTV or file type.

Personally, i would recommend getting rid of the old discontinued wdtv and buying a new media player that does not do this.

I use a Raspberry Pi 3 (running Kodi) and a Amlogic S905X Android Media Player … and they have never corrupted or converted files to folders.

examples: WDTV Live - random avi files being converted to folders - #11 by bugmenotpls


Thanks for the info!

I’ve been thinking of replacing my WDTV Media Player for a while now - just not sure with what…

I’ve been looking at various Android TV boxes, but there are so many available I find it confusing to compare one to another.

Also, the WDTV box has been doing strange things lately - like shutting off in the middle of a movie.

Before I upgraded my cable/internet package, I had the WDTV box networked to my computer so that after downloading a movie, I could simply copy it over to the media player to watch on my TV. I can’t do that now - I can see it on the network, but can not connect to the 2 attached hard drives for file management.

So lately, I’ve had to remove the 2GB WD MyPassport (the subject of the original post), plug it into my computer, transfer files, etc., then move it back to the media player. ■■■■■!

Almost every time I plug it into the computer, I get a message to scan for errors. Even though I haven’t found any corrupted files lately.

Thanks again!

Here’s the program I used to delete the corrupted files:

It will depend on what features you want.

If you want the best and money is no object then buy a Nvidia Shield TV

The Kodi forum has an extensive guide on what and not to buy

I got lucky with my Amlogic S905X because i can boot LibreELEC (Kodi distro) from SD card and the everything works perfect (compared to using Kodi Android on the box)

My main everyday Media Player (for 1080p H.264 AVC) is the Raspberry Pi 3 … works flawless (for years) for my needs.



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