WD mypassport 750gb has suddenly slowed to snail transfer speeds

Hi there,

I’ve never had much joy with this drive since new. It was always slow since it appears to use internal hardware based power saving to stop the drive rotation when idle. Always waiting for it to spin up again…

Now a new problem thats basically making the drive unuseable. The drive has suddenly slowed down its file transfer rates to a total snail speed. It takes between 30seconds and 2minutes to open a 250kb word document. When accessing folders it takes about 30seconds between each folder open. After you have opened a folder it is quicker the second time but opening a folder that has not been opened before that day takes at least 30 seconds.

Also the drive is constantly spinning now and I can hear the read head inside adjusting about every 2 seconds.  A ‘tick’ ‘tick’ every 2 seconds.

I thought the drive must be on its way out but it still reads ok. I want to get my data off it before it does fail however at 1minute/250kb I might be in an old peoples care home before its finished.

Drive has been tested on 2 x pcs, Windows XP pro and Windows 7 home premium with the same results

All help appreciated

Did you try a different USB cable? Make sure the cable isn’t over 18". It could be the drive going bad or a power problem. If it’s still in warranty call Customer Service and ask about a Power Booster cable sometimes that helps.