WD MyPassport 1TB (2060-771761-001 REV P1 PCB)


I bought two identical drives together. Now one is burned and hard disk light is keep on blinking and nothing happens when plugged in. My hardware guy confirmed that pcb is burned and I also can see reddish colours on PCB. 

My question is if i swap the boards from other 1TB (Identical), should I be able to recover data on burned hard disk.

I found this video on YouTube which indicates that even if I have the identical PCB I should replace two BIOS chips. IS THIS TRUE? AND WHY?





We don’t recommend replacing the PCB, This is not a recommended way of data recovery.

Please take a look at the link below.

How to recover data on a drive, obtain a circuit board, repair a drive, or find a list of WD data recovery partners 

Yes, both U12&U14 are the BIOS. If the other PCB has the same board number 2060-771761-001, you can use it as donor PCB