WD Mycloudex2 Question - Hopefully Easy

I got a WD Mycloudex2 and connected it to my old Windows Vista desktop.  It workds exactly as I expected.  But now I’ve connected it to both a Windows 8.1 laptop and a new Windows 8.1 desktop and something different is happening.  Here’s the problem. Bear with me as I try to explain it.

When I click on My Computer on the Vista computer and then on Network I see the WD Mycloud device on the right (both the media server with a little music note on the icon and the NAS drive without the music note on its icon).  When I click on the WD Mycloud icon I see all the shares on the device.  Good!  That’s how I did a cut and paste to move all my music from my C: drive to the Pubic Music folder on the NAS.  On both the 8.1 computers when I click on My Computer and then on Network I see the WD Mycloud device under both Media Devices and Storage.  When I click on the Mycloud icon under storage instead of showing me the Shares (the folders) that are on the device it opens the Dashboard for the device.  I want to move some music from the laptop to the Public Music share but I can’t do a cut and paste as I did on my Vista machine because I can’t ever get that folder to appear.

This must be an easy problem and either I’m doing something wrong with my NAS or maybe there’s something different about Windows 8.1 that I need to do to be able to “see” the folders that are on the Mycloud device.  Any help anyone here can offer would be greatly appreciated.

try right clicking on the mycloud icon and see what the options are, sounds like the default choice got changed somehow but the right click should give you all the options