WD MyCloud won't stay connected

I hooked my drive up 3-4 weeks ago, and it worked perfectly. Then the next day it was disconnected from all on my connections, (computers, Iphones, Tablet). I pulled the power, waited 30 seconds, then plugged it back in. It came to life on all systems again. I didn’t used it the next day but the following day when I attempted to contact through my Iphone, I got the disconnected message again. When I got home I tried access from all the other units. The disconnect message was the same.

So far I have made three service requests from WD and they haven’t replied to any of them. Ialso received an email from WD president Jim Murphy saying that they know about the problem and are working on it, Since then, nothing. 

Any ideas on how to keep it connected???


That letter was likely related to the Heartbleed issue as opposed to technical inquiries. I would recommend ensuring your WD My Cloud is updated to the latest Firmware release, as it will address many of the issues you are describing. For additional information, please follow this link:


I am running into the same issues.  I bought my drive a couple months ago without any issues until last week.  It comes up after rebooting but then loses connection shortly after. 

Yup, as I also found out, the way to fix it temporarily is to reboot the device (via automatic cron job) everyday so that WDmycloud server can register the new external IP address.