WD Mycloud, Windows application, BUG and SUGGESTION

Hello everyone!

I have to say first off, Ive been in touch with the support dept by phone for 3-4 times and so far this is the BEST experience i’ve had with any customer service organization and i’m not kidding here!!!

The following post/idea/fix, is in regards to case number: [Deleted]

Setup used:
On win7 x64, latest cloud firmware latest desktop app version. (confirmed by phone support)
100mb/s RJ45 CAT6E all arround (Hardwired)
modem/router: Cisco DPC3848V DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway
4TB mycloud (main data)
Renessa 1X4 USB 3.0 hub
USB plugged - Seagate mybackup + 5TB (main data extension)
USB plugged - WD Mybook 5TB (backup of mycloud 4tb data)
USB plugged - WD Mybook 5TB (backup of seagate 5tb data)

The issue is:
When transferring from CLOUD to USB extended drives, I get an error messages after a while saying that the file name might have changed and then the progress bar of the transfer disappear.
However, monitoring file size, the transfer does still run and take effect in the background.
EVEN when I close the desktop app and my computer, the transfer is being processed.

How can we fix this?:
-First off, we have to find out what is that file name change error all about… even if it does not seem to affect anything as the transfer occurs.

Is there anything we need to improve:
Well I think so… first we have to understand that the desktop app we use is NOT acting as windows explorer (from a customer point of view). Its actually very hard to educate customer so this is my suggestion.
First off, I noticed that when doing a transfer from Mycloud to an extended disk using windows explorer I was reaching stupid low speed. Then I realized the file was most likely transiting by the windows interface either 1:1 ratio or buffered…
So I tried the desktop app, thinking I would bypass the windows factor… as a mater of fact I get 2.5X faster speed. Unfortunately the only way I could find that out was using a watch as there is no reference in the desktop app.
So by deduction having experience the issue described above, I realized the app was simply sending a transfer command to the mycloud device OS… (which is not explained or anything in the app… its even showing you a transfer bar which tend to confuse you even more because now the normal ‘‘none-educated’’ customer is fouled thinking his computer and the app itself has to stay ON for the request to be processed.

Instead of a progress bar that is CONFUSING as described, Why not an acknowledgement/proceed dialog box in the windows APP, that would advise as an example:

The Copy/Cut/paste command was sent to Mycloud device.

  • X Files of X size, will be Copy/Cut/Paste from X location to X location.*
    Estimation of the transfer : 23H @ 90mb/s
    If the emails notifications are activated within the mycloud device, confirmation of the task will be sent when started and finished.

We have all the hardware and knowledge to implement that… an estimation of time and transfer speed would be achievable by sending a dummy temp file from Destination A to B, calculating the time it took and doing the math with the requested task.

I took the time to put down the issue and a suggestion because I strongly believe in the product and the team you have looks awesome… having a forum with inputs and all this is fantastic!

Please excuse my bad English, as its my second language.

So what do you have to say community???