WD MyCloud updated, now won't detect the drive

My WD MYCloud desktop software was updated yesterday, now it no longer detects the drive on my network. The same laptop can open the shared drives, and look at the dashboard.

It initially scans, then says it can’t find any WD devices, then it asks me to log into this website, yet it doesn’t recognise my password. Trying to reset the password and it doesn’t recognise any of my e-mail addresses.

The software had been removed, then re-installed. Its still the same.

Is whats the best way to get this raised with WD? I really need to roll back to the previous version of the software.

The recent firmware update bricked my drive like many others have found. I’ve managed to get that sorted but this is really frustrating me now. 

I had a similar problem. I found out, that the IP Adress has changed. Check in the dashboard under settings>network the new IPAdress and change the links.