WD MyCloud unbelievably slow

I have a 4TB WD MyCloud connecting directly to my router. I’m using it to store my digital movie files to access via Plex. I find that accessing the drive to add or remove files is incredibly slow. Accessing the top level folder it will take 30 seconds to a minute for the files to show up. Accessing a nested folder results in another 30 seconds to a minute…sometimes even longer to see what files are there.

I’m trying to understand why it would take so long to navigate a simple menu system.

I’ve seen older topics regarding read/write speeds being slow for various reasons but most of those threads are years old.

I’m using a Mac mostly and wondering if others are having this issue or have had this issue.

Wondering if anyone knows what’s going on and how the issue has been solved.

Is the My Cloud connected to a Gigabit router?
Is your Mac also connected using Ethernet wire to that same Gigabit router?
Which device (or what device) is running Plex? The single bay My Cloud units do not officially support running a Plex Media Server. Only the multi bay My Cloud models support the third party Plex add-on module.

Generally using WiFi is slower than using wired Gigabit Ethernet in many cases. Plex itself can also be a cause of slow access if running on a device/computer that is at minimum specs for running Plex.

The My Cloud devices typically have low powered processors and limited RAM.

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