Hello so my question is why did WD choose a white UI in latest update over there long time Black UI? I am just sorta wondering as I found the black or dark UI easier on my eyes

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Well this is by design, however you could post a suggestion to change the color on the dashboard on our ideas board:


A number of people have commented on the poor choice for Accessibility reasons.

Given that it’s essentially a web page, a simple style sheet, configurable from the Dashboard would allow users to pick the colour scheme they prefer, or best suits their visual acuity.

When you say ‘by design’, I assume you mean ‘arbitrary choice selected by what a random graphic designer thought looks “clean and fresh”’, rather than applying some established accessibility criteria…?

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Sorry for month late reply been busy and I completely agree I love the way the menu panel looks right now its just to much white and I am a person who prefers to have a choice between Dark or Light on a product I paid money for I think WD needs to take into consideration the users wants and needs. I remember back when the UI was black or dark colors I really miss the days. by design is stupid as Sounds like he is saying we should not be abole to have a choice for security reasons… Makes no sense to me.

WD: take a look at the UI choices in the File Browser app and others (Infuse) that give user a choice. The My Cloud app is so lame and buggy in so many ways, including this one. Fix the darn thing since just about all your gadgets use it today. I actually avoid using My Cloud app when I can.

I dont use the app I just connect via PC different way but I see your point I think the UI being Dark or giving the user 2 options in settings would be better to select between dark and light.

I was referring to the mobile app. I have no use for the PC My Cloud app.

Yea see I was thinking the UI for the mycloud settings and stuff where you set accounts up

You may want to look at the browser you are using and make some changes there. The below image is from my desktop computer using Firefox Options. I don’t really like it but some people may want to make changes if the current view hurts their eyes.

Click, tap or activate image to enlarge it.


I am currently running google chrome.

You can go to settings in Chrome and visit the Web Store and look at the Color Enhancer. You may want to try that out.

it really dont do anything to mycloud UI I just tried it.