WD MyCloud Shuffle Music

Is there any way to shuffle music? I know it can shuffle music if it is in the same folder but that doesn’t seem to be a good solution.



I would say that normally its the playing device that does the shuffling. You select the media server as a source and then choose shuffle on the device. This allows all tracks on the drive to be shuffled.

I was not able to find a 3rd party player to support streaming from WD MyCloud NAS. I would think their player would be able to handle shuffling of a folder since they are claiming to be a multimedia NAS. I love the product overall but just a little annoyed about their music streaming capabilities.

dtucker – you’re not understanding.

The My Cloud doesn’t have a player.   It is a SERVER, not a player.

You connect a player to the server.   The PLAYER is responsible for how playback is ordered, not the server.

Ok. thanks. Do you have a player you could recommend that would connect to the server?


How do you want to play the music?

I want to be able to select a folder and shuffle the music within that folder.

Forgot to add. Want to play through a nexus 10, note 2 and an iphone

mediaconnect for ios. after install

  1. pull up my cloud/music in server list
  2. select all tracks (may take a while to index if its a big collection)
  3. selct one to start play.
  4. hit that ‘crossed arrows’ symbol to shuffle your tracks
    only works on lan

bubble upnp may work for android but haven’t tested yet. Your right WD should include this in their apps native players for ios and android.

For nexus 10 do yourself a favor and sideload XBMC…it’s a full media player.

For LAN simply add MyCloud as a source via upnp in xbmc settings.

For WAN enable FTP on MyCLoud and add ftp source from xbmc settings…remember music over WAN could be ok but video is very limited by file bitrate and upload speed from MyCloud location.

Bubleupnp needs a server part runing in a computer where MyCLoud is.