WD MyCloud Share not showing

Hi I have a WD My Cloud and a WD My Cloud Mirror, (The first one backs up to the second) I changed internet providers this week and the devices were no longer visible on the network. Reviewing this the problem was due to the new router IP being whilst the old one was, and that the devices had been configured with a static IP address.

To overcome this I reset the devices (I had to use the 40 second reset option as the 4 second option would not remove the password), this worked ok and I then reset the devices to have a static IP address.

I then noticed that all the video and photo’s were no longer visable on the TV, PC etc, to check I logged into each drive and found that all the shares were still availble apart from the one that held the photos and video’s and strangly this affects both devices.

Using Twonky I found out that the information is still there, but the the share is within a folder called /Volume_1. I’ve mapped Twonky to this so I can now see the information on the TV but I cannot map to this using my PC as it can’t see the /Volume_1 as a share as this is not shown in the devices dashboard.

The question I have then, is there a way to repair this?
I tried removing the hardrive and connecting this to a PC with Linux but this did not recognise the hard drive, I was hoping to copy all the files this way, factory reset the devices and reload the data.

Many thanks.

Hi @newbeetle100,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: