WD Mycloud remote access

I’m currently working through a home network via a Netgear router and would like to be able to access mycloud storage through the rouer remotely.

I went back and forth with support a few months ago and was unable to get it to work.

Ready to roll up my sleeves and give it another try.

First of all, is there a way I can test my remote coneection without leaving the office? I can access mycloud via the router when in range. But how can I check to see if I will be able to access from a remote location?

I remember having to reconfig the router ip address to get this all to work. Did that but still no remote access. (when I’m away)

Can anyone point me to a good resource for checking my setup?

Thank You

On your phone, download the wd my cloud app. Try to connect to your device through there (remember to use your carriers connection i.e. turn off the phones wifi or disconnect from your works network before you connect)

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