WD MyCloud recovery tool


Some of you might know me from the fox-exe thread (a thread dedicated to install Linux on the MyCloud), I am currently working on a recovery tool for bricked MyClouds (including mine). For that, I need parts from the original software, which I no longer have.

Can somebody please hook up a root shell to a MyCloud EX2 ultra, and execute the following commands
dd if=/dev/mtdblock1 of=mtdblock1
dd if=/dev/mtdblock2 of=mtdblock2
dd if=/dev/mtdblock3 of=mtdblock3
dd if=/dev/mtdblock4 of=mtdblock4
dd if=/dev/mtdblock5 of=mtdblock5
dd if=/dev/mtdblock6 of=mtdblock6
dd if=/dev/mtdblock7 of=mtdblock7

This will create 7 files, which I need to create a recovery tool for the EX2 Ultra. These files contain parts of the original recovery firmware, which I - sadly - bricked on my device.

Yours sincerly, Jack

That worked.

But I had to flash_erase /dev/mtd4 0 0 first, using my linux build on the MyCloud.