WD MyCloud PR2100 Brick! USB invisible!

Good day!

My WD MyCloud PR2100 is Brick!
Worked under OpenMediaVault 4 OS on a single HDD.
The HDD is dead.
Now I can do nothing.

Look through UART-USB:
"Press Del> or to enter setup.
error: no such device: <… UUID section …>
error: unknown filesystem.
Entering rescue mode …
grub rescue>

I tried different instructions from the forum - it did not work out.
Please help revive this brick.
The USB bootloader does not reach.
What to do? Save !!!

Thank you very much! Everything worked out!

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Thanks. Rebooted with the rescue drive and with the UART method I was able to select the boot drive, opened the ip address in the web browser and uploaded OS3 firmware image. After that, I had to reset the bios for the usb boot to work again.