WD MyCloud OS lost!

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I hope someone help me. My problem is: Because of less data throughput I build off the harddisk of my MyCloud, put it in my Server and I copied an own Folder from my native NAS to this Disk - after I´ve deleted the existings folder. After the build in of this HD the network could´nt find it and the LED in front of it lights red! Now the WD-Support told me, that I have to install a new OS that I had downloaded (gpl-source-wd_my_cloud-03). Knows anybody how it is to install? I can´t find a how to!

Thanks for an answer and sorry for my english:-)


If you want to install the current firmware here is the link. Read the instructions at the bottom of the page.


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cat0w (USA)

Did you read the upper post? the OS ist LOST. There is no Web-GUI to flash.

In the zip is a .deb-Package and in this deb package there is a tar file. In this tar file you can find a rootfs.img. This is the firmware image for the WD My Cloud. I haven’t ever tried this but you can look in this rootfs.img, maybe you can dd it to your harddrive or mount the file and copy/tar the files on the rootfs partition of the wd my cloud hard disk.

You can’t install the GPL source – that won’t do anything for you.

You need to debrick it.