WD Mycloud on IOS 7: no GUI, no streaming, no manual?

Hi there,

Just installed the app Mycloud on iphone 4 , iOS7. I use it with Mybooklive. I was able to connect to mybooklive and see its content. However, I just can browse the folders and play a song from the folder. I do not see any of the screens that are on show in the appstore, with colourfull images and sliders for the music volume etc. So first question: is browsing through folders the only GUI ? No playlists, no albums?

Second, I cannot stream a song I picked via AppleTv to my stereo: unable to play this media file (a m4a file).

Third: I searched the web for a manual of the app, havent found it. Where to look?



Hello WWWim2, welcome to the WD Community. 

1- Are you referring to the video player screen?

2- It is only supported to play music files directly from the My Cloud app. 

3- You can see the help option by scrolling down to the last option on the left panel.

Actually, none of the screens that are on display in the app store are present in my app. I find it weird.All I get is a list with on top the text Already Added, in the middle Views and at the bottom Info and a screen that is partly visible on the right with settings.

Anyone ?

Hi again wwwim, on this case I recommend you to contact WD support directly.