WD MyCloud not recognized by WD Smartware

When I originally set up the WD MyCloud, the device was recognized by WD Smartware, and I was able to backup, my computer data to the WD MyCloud. Something has changed and now WD Smartware does not recognize the WD MyCloud.

I can see the WD MyCloud and access files through WD Access.

I can backup files from my phone to the WD MyCloud, both from my local wifi and from a remote wifi. I can also view all the files on my WD MyCloud from my phone.

I have tried to disable my firewall.

I have rebooted my wifi router.

I have rebooted the WD MyCloud, the WD MyCloud has a solid blue light indicating that it is on my network.

OS: Windows 10


I recommend you uninstall and reinstall WD Smartware.