WD MyCloud Noise


I have this new WD MyCloud 4tb. The drive keeps making the noise just like when a HD is recording data on it, eventhough there is no activity on the HD… media stream is off, back up is off, there isnt absolutely nothing going on in the drive… no transfer of data at all. All diagnostics are ok.

Is your drive doing the same thing?! I think something is wrong with it and I am sceptical of using it as my main drive.

Please share your opinion.

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Don’t forget.  The My Cloud is its OWN computer – it’s not just a hard disk.

The drive runs a full operating system in and of itself and is doing its own things.

I understand that… but the noise is like its writing data on it, not the noice a drive would make by just being turned on. 

How long have you had your MyCloud?  Could the drive be indexing its files?  Have you looked at the logs to see what activity might be taking place?

mariovegas wrote:

I understand that… but the noise is like its writing data on it, not the noice a drive would make by just being turned on. 

It’s NOT just “turned on.”   The My Cloud frequently reads and writes to the drive all by itself.   It’s a full fledged computer in that box… not just a disk drive. 

That computer owns the disk, and is running its own programs and processes that use the disk.


I have at the beginning the same problem (4TB Version too). I was very worried at that time, too. I think its because of the media index for the first time my cloud running. Later the noise will be much quiter (but still there occationally). Dont worry :smiley:

when you upload file, my cloud will start create thumbnails…

in my cases it takes too long:


so i have stop this function:


hope this is useful to you :slight_smile:

it becomes slient…^^

The drive is stuck at content scan index… Thats why its making the noise it shouldnt be making. I did reset, power off power on but no luck. Still stuck at the same pecentages of media scan.

Pisses the **bleep** out of me. 

Received the WD MyCloud 4TB today from Amazon and noticed the noise.  I thought it was weird since the other drive that I own (WD My Book Live 3TB) does not make this noise.  I did a google search and this forum topic came up.  I’m hoping there’s nothing wrong like you guys stated.