WD MyCloud: need help with activation code


Now I know that my Huawei 4G router has defect or sth problem, can’t use ethernet cable, maybe socket is faulty. It doesn’t give the internet connection even for computer. Router control panel shows connected device, but doesn’t give any internet connection at all, all settings are right, even IT specialist has checked it.

I tried connection on public place with ethernet cable, the My Cloud device get internet connection, I received email with nas alert (it was not important, but shows that device is on the internet). But computer doesn’t find my device, it was on the same network.

My question is: Is there any chance that this device be programmed to automatically send an activation e-mail like nas alert emails? How?

I still use that device as normal external hard drive, when I need sth I must connect computer directly to the My Cloud.

I must add that device is extremly slow, fastest speed what I have seen is 15MB/s and it is direct connection. (No internet what will slow down.)

Is it normal? When it is normal, I must add that my videocamera memory card speed is at least 35MB/s.

I have in my computer WD HDD, it is much faster, therefore I bought a WD My Cloud, but it was big mistake.

I don’t believe there is any way to automatically send activation emails

what are you trying to accomplish here? as this does not make sense to me since you don’t have internet access

what FW version?

what types and numbers of files

what are the LEDs by the Ethernet cable doing?

Led is blue, not blinking.

The firmware version is latest I think. (i manually updated it from file)

Screencapture is taken when the device have direct connection with computer. 

But is that possible: WD has direct connection to the computer and computer has internet by wifi connection, I already tried, it dosen´t  give internet for WD.

Firmware direct connection.png

thats the front LED, I want status of the 2 by the Ethernet cable

screen captures take awhile to be approved and show up

your mycloud is connected directly to the computer with a LAN cable and the computer has a wifi connection to the Internet. Correct?

I have not done it but in later version of Windows there is an option to share an Ethernet connection so it is probably  possiable to get the mycloud on the Internet this way

If you can’t get internet connection working, you cannot use activation codes.   No way around it.

But you shouldn’t need it…

If your My Cloud is reachable even via your local WiFi network (without internet) you can still automatically pair it via the app – it will be discovered, and then you can select it and it will ask for your password.